TV-Tipp für den 28. September: Das Gesetz bin ich

Tele 5, 00.15

Das Gesetz bin ich (USA 1974, Regie: Richard Fleischer)

Drehbuch: Elmore Leonard

Buch zum Film: Elmore Leonard: Mr. Majestyk, 1974

Okayer Thriller über die Mafia unter Melonenfarmern, mit Charles Bronson, der zuerst seine Ruhe haben will, später rot sieht.

Von Elmore Leonards Homepage: „Before Joe Kidd was released, Clint Eastwood called Elmore and asked for a Dirty Harry like story of a guy with a big gun. Elmore told Eastwood the story of what was to become Mr. Majestyk. Eastwood said, write it up. But, by the time Elmore finished the outline, Eastwood had acquired High Plains Drifter and bowed out. Swanson then sold Walter Mirisch on the project, who interested Charles Bronson. Mr Majestyk was the story of Vince Majestyk, a Vietnam veteran and now peaceful watermelon farmer whose workers are threatened by the local mob lead by hit man, Frank Renda (Al Lettieri).

But typically in an Elmore story, Bronson represents the workers and incurs the wrath of and delivers vengeance on the mob boys. Bronson nailed his role but Al Lettieri was over the top, playing essential the same role he did in The Getaway. Elmore saw Renda as the majority of his characters, more subtle and laid back. After completing the screenplay, Elmore Leonard novelized Mr. Majestyk. The most well known scene in Mr. Majestyk is of the bad guys shooting up the watermelons. (Shot in eastern Colorado – not Northern California as in the script.) Colorado was the only place in the West the producers could find such a crop, in season. Elmore’s script called for cantaloupes. Quentin Tarantino, Elmore’s great fan, pays homage to Mr. Majestyk in True Romance (1991).


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Elmore Leonard in der Kriminalakte

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